A specialized program dedicated to your
peace of mind as a Law Enforcement Officer.

U.S. LawShield® developed our Law Enforcement Legal Defense Program to fill a significant void in the protection options offered to Law Enforcement Officers. These real-life heroes offer selfless service to our communities, states and nation, and deserve to know they have independent legal representation for any use of force, “on duty” or “off duty.”

Introducing Our
Law Enforcement Officer Program

After a serious use of force incident including those that involve deadly force, the legal system will scrupulously examine an officer’s conduct. All too often this treatment can be “less than kind” to an individual officer. This is why you need independent legal representation the most.

Your coverage begins with:

  • 24/7/365 Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline for LEO Program Members Only
  • Independent Legal Representation for all On or Off duty use of force incidents – For Zero Attorneys’ Fees.
  • Covers all associated expenses – Attorney travel, expert witness, officer’s share of arbitration expenses
  • Your lawyer is independent, representing YOU… not your agency
  • You don’t pay a penny up front (other than your membership fee). No waiting for reimbursement
  • Available to all active, reserve, and retired officers
  • Active and Reserve Officers get this and more for just $17.95 per month – honorably retired pay just $10.95 per month.

And, you can customize your coverage by adding…

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Prepared, protected, defended.

Our team does one thing, and we do it amazingly well! This program provides independent legal representation to protect Active, Reserve and Honorably Retired Law Enforcement Officers against the allegation of improperly using force and deadly force in connection with their sworn duty to protect and serve.

U.S. LawShield focuses entirely on providing the finest legal protection available through a network of highly qualified and experienced attorneys. Invest your hard-earned dollars for the protection and peace of mind that really matters; your liberty and financial security, not supporting the agenda and mission of organizations with priorities other than protecting your legal rights.

While our services are quite comprehensive, the following are not covered: expert witness fees, governmental fees of any type, investigator fees, or bail bonds. However, members have the option to enroll in the Bail Bond/Expert Witness program.

Frequently Asked Questions

All active, or honorably retired, sworn Law Enforcement Officers. Full-time, part-time and reserve.

Defense of criminal charges related to your use of force, on or off duty, in state or federal court in connection with your position as a law enforcement officer. Defense of any civil claims resulting from any action related to your on or off duty use of force or deadly force in connection with your position as a law enforcement officer. Defense of a disciplinary or administrative action resulting from the on or off duty use of force or deadly force in connection with your position as a law enforcement officer.

Not a problem. By electing to subscribe to our Career Shield – Employer/Employee Relationship Coverage for a few dollars more, you can receive legal representation (criminal, administrative/disciplinary, civil) in all other matters not involving “Use of Force” issues which are initiated against you as a result of performance of your duties. The Career Shield – Employer/Employee Relationship Coverage also provides administrative/disciplinary representation on matters alleged to have occurred off-duty whether related to performance of duty as a peace officer or not.

A Law Enforcement Program lawyer will be available immediately to provide legal advice. We will immediately dispatch the closest network attorney to come to your location to provide legal counsel during any interview or questioning.

Yes, provided that you legally possess the firearm in a place where possession of the firearm is legally allowed.

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